Why we made this Site!           German Version

When we began to create WWW.ANHINGA.DE

there was only few information about yachting-harbors in the internet. We found plans of ports and descriptions of the equipment.

We were missing  pictures of the harbors which  we wanted to visit, just to get a first impression about the ports and the environment.

That´s why we had the idea to take pictures of all ports we have visited and to place them in a map of the Baltic Sea and River Elbe and to provide them in the WWW.

Unfortunately we are not able to allocate facts about equipment, depth and  harbour fees.  These information is sometimes updated very fast, so we cannot visit all harbors again every year.

Have fun with the site!


Petra and Michael

Petra Schumacher Michael Rottwinkel

 The boat is named ANHINGA  after a bird which is often to be seen in Florida.